Winter-Proof Your Skin 4 Tips to Keep It Looking Flawless All Season

Winter-Proof Your Skin: 4 Tips to Keep It Looking Flawless All Season

The cold weather, dry air, and less sunlight—all of these things can take a toll on your skin. But winter doesn’t have to mean dull, dry skin. You’re meant to enjoy this season, which is why we’ve put together some tips straight from the experts here at D&M Treatments to help keep your skin looking its best all season long.

Read on to learn how to winter-proof your skincare and get the most out of your facial treatments.

Winter Skin Dryness and How to Beat It

The colder weather can be really tough on your skin, especially if you already have dry skin. The lack of humidity in the air can suck all the moisture right out of your skin, leading to dryness and even cracking. This is why, during the colder months of the year, your skin might feel tighter and look flakier. So how do you prevent and treat winter skin dryness? We list some tips below:

So how do you prevent and treat winter skin dryness? We list some tips below:

1. Use a Heavier Moisturizer

In the winter, it’s best to switch to a heavier moisturizer that will help keep your skin hydrated. Look for a cream or ointment-based moisturizer, and make sure to apply it liberally throughout the day. Moisturizers containing shea butter, petroleum jelly, or lanolin are good options to combat winter dryness. This is because they produce a tight waterproof barrier when applied to the skin so you can retain more hydration.

A fragrance-free formula is best for those with irritated skin, so fewer ingredients/chemicals will touch your epidermis. This is especially true after facial treatments when your skin is more sensitive after all the extractions, steaming, and exfoliation.

2. Make Cleansing A Habit

You also have to be sure that you clean your skin regularly in the winter. This will help remove any build-up of oils and dirt on your skin that can lead to dryness. But don’t overdo it—your skin’s natural moisturizers are stripped away by over-cleansing. To keep your skin clean, you can use a gentle facial cleanser and lukewarm water.

For a more thorough cleanse, you can choose to indulge in a facial treatment once in a while at our clinic. Our professional facialists will cleanse your pores using special techniques and products, which will help remove any impurities and leave your skin looking brighter and more radiant.

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3. Use SPF to Protect Your Skin

Another key factor in preventing winter skin dryness is to make sure you’re using sunscreen. Even when it’s cold outside, the sun’s UV rays can still cause damage to your skin. So be sure to apply sunscreen every day—even if you’re just going out for a few minutes.

Excessive sun exposure increases the risk of skin aging that causes fine lines and wrinkles. Of course, this is just a preventative measure—if you have already begun to see the signs of skin aging, our team at D&M can help restore your youthful look with facial treatments. Try out our Rejuvenating Facial to help your skin appear firmer and more youthful.

4. Consider Professional Skin and Facial Treatments

While you can do a lot to winter-proof your skincare on your own, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals. That’s why we recommend getting a regular facial at our clinic. Our team of skilled facialists can help keep your skin looking its best all season long. We offer a variety of treatments that are perfect for winter and any other time of the year. D&M Treatments combines the power of beauty products and top-notch services to help you achieve a radiant glow no matter the season.

Maintain Your Glow All Season Long

The colder months can be tough on your skin, but with the right skincare routine and facial treatments, you can keep your glow all season long. So embrace the cold days and nights with your radiant and moisturized skin despite the freezing breeze—just cleanse, moisturize, and treat yourself to some skincare love done by professionals at D&M Treatments!

Ready to go and glow?

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