Cleanse, treat, and rejuvenate your skin.

Our Facial Treatments Can Help You:

Fight signs of aging

We have facials designed specifically to combat the signs of aging.

Treat acne and inflammation

We have facials that can help fade redness, prevent future breakouts, and maintain clear skin.

Hydrate and brighten skin

Our facials are designed to deeply hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Minimize the appearance of pores for a flawless finish

Our facials can help reduce the appearance of your pores, revealing a more even and smooth complexion.

How To Choose The Right Facial For You

Step 1: Determine your skin type.

This is the most common skin type. It isn't overly sensitive or greasy but can become dry during cold winter months.
This is the second most common skin type. It has a tendency to get shiny and may be prone to breakouts or blemishes. The good news: Oily skin tends not to wrinkle as quickly as other types because it lacks fine lines and wrinkles that develop due to dryness.
This skin type is a combination of both oily and normal skin types. It can be prone to breakouts or blemishes but doesn't have the extreme oiliness that characterizes those with just an oily skin type. The color may vary from one cheek to the other as well.
Sensitive skin is more common in women than men and tends to become red, inflamed, or itchy. It's also likely to burn and sting after cleansing with soap and water, so be sure to choose a gentle cleanser made specifically for sensitive skin types.

Step 2: Understand your current skin needs.

If your skin is dry, you may want to choose a treatment designed specifically for those with dry or sensitive skin types. Since the barrier of protection around this type of skin tends to be thinner than any other type, it can quickly become irritated by most treatments.
As we age, our skin has a harder time retaining moisture and is more sensitive to the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Facials can be very helpful in replenishing your skin and restoring its natural elasticity and smoothness while protecting it from premature aging and environmental damage.
Sensitive skin types tend to suffer from redness and dry patches, which can be aggravated by certain treatments. If you have sensitive skin, it's important that you choose a facial treatment designed specifically for those with this type of skin.
Oily or acne-prone skin is prone to breakouts and blemishes. If you have this type of skin, treatments that are designed for oily or acne-prone types can be very helpful in unclogging pores while keeping the rest of your face looking radiant and healthy.

Step 3: Consider your current skincare regimen

Since your skin type and current skincare regimen will play a role in determining which facial treatment is best for you, it’s important to communicate with us about any products that might interfere with your treatment or even irritate your skin type more than usual.

Facials For All Skin Types

Whatever your skin type and current needs, D&M Treatments offers best-in-class products and techniques to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Rejuvenating Facial


Enjoy revitalizing facial treatments that are designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and leave skin looking refreshed, radiant and smooth

Hydrating Facial


This facial is designed to brighten and tighten your skin, giving it a healthy glow. It uses an infusion of oxygen under pressure (or cupping) for enhanced penetration of active ingredients into the deepest layers of your skin.

Acne Treatment Facial


Treat oily or acne-prone skin with a treatment specifically designed to clear up your skin without leaving it dry or irritated.

Chemical Peel Facials

Get smoother, brighter skin with a facial treatment that uses a variety of chemical peels.


What Happens When You Get A Facial From D&M Treatments?

  • Your D&M Treatments esthetician will first assess your skin and pinpoint which treatment would be most beneficial for you.
  • We’ll then begin by cleansing your skin to make sure your skin is free of makeup or other impurities.
  • Next, we’ll perform extractions if needed to remove any blackheads or impurities that may be living on your face.
  • After the extractions, we will apply a treatment that is best for your skin type and needs. This may include a mask, eye treatment, or finishing cream depending on which facial you choose.
  • Finally, we’ll apply an even layer of moisturizer over your face before giving you a quick facial massage. You will then be on your way feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Are Facials For You?

If you’re looking to achieve better-looking skin and want a treatment to improve your overall complexion, facial treatments can help.
Our treatments are designed to leave your skin feeling healthy, refreshed, and revitalized after each session. Whether it’s an anti-aging or acne treatment, facials from D&M Treatments are the best way to improve your skin’s health.


A really good facial not only cleanses your pores and tightens skin, but it often reduces wrinkles too. And don’t forget: a regular treatment will keep the area around eyes healthy so they stay bright without any sign of aging thanks to some exfoliation time in between makeup applications or concealer use on problem zones like T-zone (temple), bottom lip near mouth/chin region).
Hair salons, barbershops and other personal service businesses are now open. Hence, facial services can be enjoyed by customers, provided that health protocols are observed.
One of the main reasons people get facials is to deeply cleanse and exfoliate their skin. Removing dirt, oil, and impurities from your skin is a necessity for clear, healthy skin. Receiving regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which promotes new skin cell growth.
Those with minor acne may find that a facial works wonders when used alongside suitable skin care products. Those with moderate to severe acne — at least 30 lesions in total — may want to avoid facials or team them with something stronger like prescription medication.
Facial is a part of an excellent routine of skin care as it helps in keeping the skin looking youthful, healthy and glowing.
Skin care professionals recommend that you have one every three or four weeks, which will help the cycle of cell development and exfoliation go smoothly.
Blemish extractions are routinely done during salon facial treatments. Blackheads and non-inflamed blemishes are manually removed, or extracted, from the skin during a facial treatment. If you have blackheads, the best solution is to go to a dermatologist who will properly remove it through chemical peels, microdermabrasion and/or extractions.
One can go to D&M Treatments, which provides treatments—including facial extractions—for every type of skincare need
Most people need at least a couple of extractions during each facial, though you may require more extractions if this is your first facial.
When doing extractions, an esthetician manipulates the pores, either with fingertips or a metal tool, to remove the sebum that's causing the acne. Some extractions can even involve a tiny incision or a prick with a pointed tool called a lancet.
When working out a schedule for these treatments, make sure you leave a gap of at least 24 hours after cosmetic injections before you have a facial. Facials before cosmetic injections are no problem at all. In fact, you may have a facial before your cosmetic injections treatment so that you leave the office feeling completely renewed.
It is important to ensure you leave a gap of at least a day after the injections.
There should be no effect, especially if you get it several hours after having the procedure.

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