Lady getting a lash lift in Calgary.

Lash Lifts And Tints For A Complete Facial Makeover

The lash lift and tint is a trending beauty procedure that instantly transforms the face with neatly curled lashes.

The eyes are the main facial element that reflects the overall beauty of having a lash lift and tint done. The lash lift and tint are sure methods to achieve a striking and appealing look.


Here at D&M Treatments in Calgary, we specialize in offering this quick-fix beauty procedure that makes the eyes more youthful and attractive. Apart from adding a beautiful curl, this lash treatment visibly enhances the height and look of natural lashes.


Since the eyelash lift is not permanent, we recommend getting touch-ups every few weeks to maintain naturally curled lashes.

Woman receiving a facial scrub before getting a lash lift.

The Lash Lift

The lash lift process involves lifting natural lashes from the root, creating defined and longer-looking lashes. We use only the finest lifting rods and safe techniques to achieve the perfect curl for you. Additionally, we use gentle adhesives when placing your lashes on our lifting rods to ensure that the curl is well set. This quick fix takes 40-60 minutes and lasts up to 8 weeks.


Our licensed lash experts have the expertise to pick an ideal curl that will complement your facial features and enhance your natural beauty.


One huge advantage of lash lifts is that they prevent you from over-curling the lashes with curlers. Unlike eyelash extensions that can cause your lashes to become weak with usage, the lash lift treatment has no known negative effects on the natural lashes.

Person’s green eye after getting an eyelash lift in Calgary.

The Lash Tint

To add an extra wow factor to your lifted lashes, you can complete the procedure with eyelash tinting. This treatment will give your lashes a more enhanced dark colour, making them pop and stand out. Our lash tint stylists will help you choose the best shade for your curled lashes based on your style preferences, hair colour, and skin tone. Each lash dye product we use for this procedure is safe. We will consider any allergy or health issues you may have before using any of our gentle products.


Using mascara takes time and, at times, can be messy. That’s why lash tinting is a great alternative. Lash tinting is low-maintenance, as you can wake up with gorgeously tinted lashes that will last the entire day.

Person’s eyes after getting a lash lift treatment.

Getting The Most Out Of The Lash Lift and Tint Procedure

Our beauticians will offer advice on caring for your newly curled and beautiful lashes to ensure they give you safe and lasting service. General tips your lash technician will recommend following include:

Pre-Treatment Tips:

Before receiving this procedure, ensure your face and lashes are well-cleaned. If you cannot clean your face, one of our lash technicians will clean you up prior to performing your procedure.

Avoid using waterproof mascara for a few days before your appointment.

For best results, we recommend ensuring that your lashes are in good health and of suitable length so that the procedure can give lashes a more bold and dramatic look.

After Care Tips:

Keep away from the sauna, pool, sunbeds, and heat treatments for one day to avoid dulling the tint shade. Don’t get your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

Restrain from using any eye makeup or perfumed products for at least 12 hours.

Do not wear your contact lenses for a day. Wear glasses instead to give time for the procedure.

Avoid sleeping on your face for a few days.

Avoid putting pressure on the lashes by hand or any other object.

Adapt to a special lash lift care routine that includes conditioning them to keep them well-nourished.

Once your eyelashes start growing again, the tint will start fading. Fading may start happening between four to six weeks after the treatment. You can opt to get another retouch to continue enjoying the beauty and simplicity it offers.

The lash lift and tint treatment is suitable for anyone and can be done on natural lashes of any length. If you are unsure if this is the best option for you compared to getting lash extensions, talk to us, and we will guide you on the best eyelash beauty option.


If you want something simple and elegant that will make makeup easier each morning, a lash lift and tint are what you need. Be bold and glam your natural lashes by booking your treatment online today.

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