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What Are Facial Fillers?

Facial fillers are injectables used under the eyes, cheeks, lips, or face. Facial fillers are used to enhance and restore volume on parts of your face – that might be hollow as well – due to aging. Compared to Neuromodulators ( cosmetic injections)  fillers last for up to 8-12 months longer.


Fillers can be used to correct facial areas where wrinkle lines are present. Fillers are not only used around your eyes and cheeks  but can be used to reduce the appearance of marionette lines , too – it is also used to define the jawline, nose, and the chin

Facial Fillers Vs Cosmetic Injections: Which Should You Get?

Facial fillers and cosmetic injections are two common cosmetic procedures but have differences you should know about. So, here’s a list to help you decide on what you should get at D&M Treatments.

  • Are used to FILL IN wrinkles.
  • Can either enhance, restore, or fill in your lips, cheeks, and jawline, as naturally as possible.
  • Fills in frown lines and plump lips.
  • The results of fillers can be seen immediately; lasts up to 6-12 months.
Cosmetic Injections
  • Is used to RELAX the muscles underneath the wrinkles.
  • The Botulinum toxin relaxes your facial muscles that produce wrinkles as they contract.
  • Makes fine lines and crease lines less visible over time, regardless of your facial muscle contraction.
  • Results can be seen 3 days after the session; lasts up to 3-6 months.

Dermal Fillers
45 minutes - $350 ( ½ syringe) to $550 (full syringe) + GST
Offered by Melissa

Wrinkle reducing cosmetic injections
45 minutes - $8.70/unit + GST
Offered by Melissa

Note: While these fillers are different, you can get both of them for different areas. Most people do this to achieve the best results. You may book a consultation with us so we can determine the best course of action.

What Filler We Work With

At D&M Treatments, we make sure to only use the best solutions to give you the best and safe results.

So for our injectables, we work using the Hyaluronic acid filler. This acid can be naturally found in our body, and it helps our cells lock in moisture, making our skin look tighter. It also improves our body’s collagen production—which makes our skin look younger and less saggy.


Depending on what face area you want us to work on, we adjust the density of the filler we inject. This is to ensure that you’ll get the most optimal results.


Want to know more about these densities? Drop us a message, give us a call, or drop by at our clinic!

D&M - TreatmentsBelkyra Injections At D&M Treatments

Belkyra Injections At D&M Treatments

Aside from cosmetic injections, and fillers, we also provide Belkyra injections. This treatment is used to dissolve the fats under the chin (commonly known as a double chin) and aids in contouring the face, giving you a more enhanced look.


Belkyra injections require multiple treatments, typically 2-4 on average. This is to ensure that we’ll achieve your desired results.

Belkyra Injections
$299 + GST or a package of 3 for $750+ GST

How Long Does A Facial Filler Last?

Different dermal fillers last differently. Some last for at least 5-6 months, and ours last between 6-12 months. . Nonetheless, it is important to have your fillers be readministered annually or at least every 6 months.

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