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How Acupressure Treatment Can Improve Your Health

In today’s fast-paced world, it is not easy to find time for yourself. But there is a simple way that you can take care of both your mind and body simultaneously…with acupressure treatment! This ancient Chinese medical practice uses pressure on specific points of the body to relieve tension and pain. When done correctly, acupressure has been shown to have many benefits beyond just relaxation – from reducing stress levels to improving circulation and immune functions. So next time you’re feeling overworked or stressed, give this natural method a try! You’ll feel refreshed in no time.


What Is Acupressure Treatment?

Although it’s been around for thousands of years, acupressure is still a relatively unknown phenomenon in Canada and the United States. Although similar to acupuncture, this ancient Chinese medical treatment involves applying pressure with the fingers rather than needles.

The idea behind acupressure is that when specific points on your body are stimulated, they can improve your health in various ways. There are over 400 acupressure points on your body, each one corresponding to an internal organ or gland. Applying pressure at these points – either by yourself or with the assistance of a therapist – is believed to promote wellness and restore balance to your body’s natural energy flow, known as chi (or qi).

Why Is Acupressure Effective?

Modern scientists may have difficulty explaining why acupressure works, but this hasn’t stopped people from using it! In fact, according to a study published in the September 2015 issue of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 96% of osteopathic physicians said they would recommend acupressure as a treatment to their patients. Furthermore, 85% of the surveyed physicians believe that this technique is more effective than using painkillers or doing nothing at all.

While there isn’t a concrete explanation for why it works, acupressure has been said to stimulate points on your body that help move chi through your body. By alleviating blockages in your chi, acupressure can help reduce stress and anxiety while promoting a better immune system and improved circulation.


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What Are The Benefits Of Acupressure Treatment? 

One of the best things about acupressure is that it can treat a wide variety of ailments. Here are just some of the many conditions people have claimed to have relieved with this technique successfully:

1) Anxiety & Stress

Thanks to its ability to boost your mood while relaxing, acupressure has become a great way to help treat stress and anxiety. In addition to its calming effects, acupressure can also relieve feelings of sadness and grief from those who have been through traumatic experiences.

2) Headaches & Migraines

In a study published in the Journal of American Osteopathic Association, patients with chronic tension headaches experienced a significant decrease in pain after receiving acupressure treatment. This technique has also been praised for lessening the intensity and frequency of migraines.

3) Insomnia

Because many people experience insomnia due to stress, acupressure can be an effective way to fight this debilitating condition. Applying pressure at specific points on your wrists, neck, and forehead can result in a deeper sleep.

4) Digestive Issues

Our digestive tracts are lined with acupressure points that can help improve our health when stimulated! For example, stimulating the Neiguan point (located between the index finger and middle finger on both hands) promotes better digestion. 

5) PMS And Menopause Symptoms

When used as a complement to other treatments, acupressure can help reduce the symptoms of PMS and menopause. Applying pressure at your temples, wrists, and ankles is said to regulate hormones – beneficial for those who experience painful menstruation or hot flashes.


So Why Not Try Acupressure Treatment For Yourself?

If you’re interested in a healthier lifestyle, don’t miss out on the benefits of acupressure treatment. It can be an excellent way to improve your health and relieve pain from chronic conditions. D&M Treatments offers this option for individuals who are looking for relief, along with many other wellness and beauty options. Whether you are looking at releasing some stress and tension or looking for a way to mimic longer lashes, we have solutions for all of your needs. Contact us or schedule an appointment today!

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